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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Tigers will betray their own for a bunis and a banana PDF Print E-mail
By Boomerang Banda from Down Under

Our media office in Waiben in Torres Strait Island popularly known as Thursday Island, Queensland, Australia was inundated with calls ever since our feature on aspirants for Tiger leadership appeared in Sri Lanka Watch and Infolanka in the wake of the arrest of the man of many identities also known as Selvarasa Pathmanathan.

He is the man who will go down in history as the one who enriched himself and became a multibillionaire on funds exhorted from the suckers of the Tamil Diaspora whose only intention was a revenge against the Sinhalese for the racial riots especially the one of 1983 orchestrated by Junius Jayawardene with a spark of support provided by the LTTE at Tinnevely.

The LTTE always wanted the Sinhalese to attack the Tamils to propagate their interests in order to create a mafia state in South Asia.  

There were two types of calls we had, most of them about how it could have been possible for the Sri Lankan Intelligence Services to arrest the Felonious Fraudster of LTTE’s terror politics. Unlike the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel of the French Revolution, here was a villain who had oiled the murder machines of Prabhkaran and made his billions on it over the years.
One caller even suggested President Barak Obama should seek the help of Sri Lanka to arrest Osama bin Laden. If given the signal, Sri Lankan Intelligence Services would complete the job before the Americans wake up from their overnight sleep, if such an order was given the previous evening. The only hitch and hiccup here is that the Americans don’t want to apprehend him because they want to keep the munitions factories in constant production of deadly weapons. Americans live on the deaths these machines cause.

The other callers said that the whole thing was a Rajapaksa Government eyewash and that nobody can ever hope to apprehend Pathmanathan and that he is also protected by Erik Solheim and the Norwegians to sell their illicit arms. One even went to the extent to say that they will do plastic surgery on one of the chaps in their custody to look like Pathmanathan and exhibit him to the world as their priced catch. If this be true, we will soon have a Father Chandrakanthan now out of circulation, Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran and others in cyberspace occupancy to create an Eelam State some how or other; even Pluto is a possibility.    
Incidentally following the unearthing of vast hordes of arms and gold in the Wanni, Tiger James Bond aspirant David Poopalapillai has suggested that President Mahinda Rajapaksa should hold Garage Sales to raise some money to give every person from the IDP camps a bunis and a banana. According to him, people inactive just sitting around the camps doing nothing should not be given three meals and of that two are rice dishes and the ideal would be a bunis and a banana and a vaippan to top it.

“And what is wrong with bunis and banana,” he asked when one of his Girls of Waterloo teamsters  giggled at this proposition. “After all with one bunis and banana the Sri Lankan Intelligence Services were able to encourage those in their captivity to talk; just one bunis and a banana, not even a vaippan,’ retorted Poopalapillai. When they saw their “James Bond” hero was angry, they had their mouths sealed for the rest of the evening. Incidentally the Canadian Sinhala folks have dubbed him, Jamis Banda! 

We understand Canada has a custom of recycling garbage through Garage Sales and during summer lots of families make a few dollars just getting rid of rubbish from their garages. It is also a country where garages are not for cars but for garbage. The cars have to be parked outside to show off and there are many Diaspora homes where three cars including a Honda is the barest minimum. In some cars Tiger standard used to fly until just a few weeks ago and most of them driving these cars do not have jobs and are on welfare.

The Tiger fund raisers use the SUVs; the bigger, the better, the whiter and the brighter indicate the sucker clientele they exploit to the hilt. The same goes for Australia too and Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne suburbs are packed with Tiger Diaspora vehicles and the owners generally are on state welfare. The Aussies find it hard even to afford one vehicle let alone parking in front of their houses. They use public transport and the refugee Diaspora drive posh vehicles, one for each person of the family above the age of eighteen. 
Even though the fight for Tiger leadership has intensified with KP gone no one wants to come out into the open and face the danger of being whisked away to Sri Lanka even from Scarborough in Canada which was proclaimed by the LTTE as Canada’s Jaffna and the intersection of Warden and Finch, Urumpirai Junction. There is also a Chankanai Market, Elephant Pass Take-Away. Ammah Food, Kanapathy Kadai, and Koddady Cricket Club.
Meanwhile, Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran has issued a statement calling the capture of Pathmanathan illegal. One wonders to which court he will go and apply for a habeas corpus! What is his court of reference with his functions based on cyberspace communications? If the capture of Pathmanathan is illegal, is Rudrakumaran trying to say whatever the LTTE did were all legal? Who is he to talk about what is legal and illegal with a stunning variety of horrendous crimes in their hands? He must familiarize himself how Germany searched the world for Nazi criminals. John Demjanjuk was the most resent arrest and took them back to face trials there.

It would be proper for the Sri Lankan Intelligence Services to snatch back home Tiger criminals and their agents wherever they are and put them on trial and that should certainly include Rudrakumaran too.
However, it is understood that a Rescue Mission has been created and the primary proposition is to hire some pleasure girls from Thailand with packs of US dollars kept in readiness to bribe their way to rescue the LTTE leader from wherever he is held. A past master priest is said to have advised the planners of this mission that in Sri Lanka bribing high officials is custom and more easily the police with whom he has had good results. This priest has a long time experience molesting young girls trapped in his web and if ever they rush to the police, the civil guardians are in for a bonanza and that comes from the millions he has raised in the US from those vulnerable to his charms.

All types of people all types of funds under all types of pretexts and most of them flying the flag of terrorism and some of them use their dollar power and clout to exploit innocent people and in many cases, young helpless women, rather teenagers just like the LTTE used them as suicide bombers having first raped and made them totally submissive to their deception and evil designs is the terrible scenario caused by the terror war.

The Girls of Waterloo are okay. They will have their way, they will get their degrees, good jobs, drive flashy cars etc, etc, etc but thousands of parents of the Wanni will bemoan the loss of their children, the peers of the Girls of Waterloo back home in Sri Lanka, for years because the LTTE snatched them away and marched them to brutal slaughter. Uncle Poopalapillai and others of his kind in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand had better understand that they do not speak for the Tamils of Sri Lanka anymore; should never have at any time. They simply used them as scapegoats to make their lives comfortable in their new found homelands.

And Rudrakumaran needs lessons in what is legal and what is not legal. He should go back to Law School.     
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