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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Politicing to implement 13th Amendment, with a fox in the chicken coop PDF Print E-mail
The Supreme Court which was led by the President’s friend upto a month ago, Sarath Silva, has crossed paths with the GoSL on several fronts ranging from the business dealings of the government and the abuse of human rights. There has been contempt for the law by the President and his minions, even though the Supreme Court ruled in his favour during the Tsunami Funds scandal – Helping Hambantota. Rs. 83 million in donations from foreign sources being diverted to a family run enterprise.
Contempt for the law it has been, and contempt it is now. Milinda Moragoda’s appointment as Minister of Justice & Law Reforms is surely placing the ‘fox in the chicken coop’. Here is a man who is in politics to protect the legacy of his grandfather, the late Governor of the Central Bank and head of the now defunct Mercantile Credit Group of finance companies. Over Rs. 5 billion is owed to the Central Bank from years past but swept under the carpet to-date. Then come the latest rulings from the Supreme Court on the privatization of Lanka Marine Services and Sri Lanka Insurance. The Supreme Court clearly names Minister Moragoda for leading and manipulating these frauds against the people. So what would his prime motivation be in his new office and reforms he would implement, but to squash any further damage to him? Only in Sri Lanka!
With Southern ‘do gooders and bleeding hearts’ now trekking in droves to the IDP relief camps with packets of Maliban Cream Crackers to be handed out to the miserable people in these localities and the resulting photo-ops they get to bring back and show their friends, a new market for tourism has been created. Who better to place in charge to market this new phenomenon than an ex-JVPer, Nandana Gunetillake. Maybe they will arrange tours to where the final  action was in Nandikkadal lagoon and the beaches off Mulattivu. They may also revive sites in Embilipitiya and the Deep South where much of the mayhem and killings took place in the late 1980’s.

The other hold-out against moving forward with the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution for the devolution of powers is the Jathika Hela Urumaya. The President could neutralize them too by appointing the Ven. Ellawela Mettananada as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. After all we now have to re-cultivate our relationships with our friends China and Burma. The practice of Buddhism being the common thread between us.

Hiran Adhihetty
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