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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Private media personages still getting attacked PDF Print E-mail
The well known media personality J. Sri Ranga came under attack while staging a political diplomatic discussion at the town of Hatton. The reverend Journalist is well known among the Tamil speaking people as the host of popular Television program ‘Minnel’ telecasted by the private media channel Shakthi TV. At the time of the attack, J. Sri Ranga had been hosting a discussion on problems and difficulties faced by the estate workers of the area.

Although the Journalist had escaped without gaining any casualties, it has been reported one security personage of Mr. Ranga, sub Inspector Janaka Nandasiri had been severely injured in the attack. The vandals arriving at the location armed with heavy weaponry and guns had attacked the security officers of J. Sri Ranga. The thugs had also shot at the air to cause a disturbance and frighten away the gathered crowd.

Shakthi TV was removed from the rights of Telecasting at the Jaffna peninsular by the Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. The VHF 25 air frequency which transmitted Shakthi TV till last January was handed to a state media channel.

Meanwhile the witnesses of the incident at Hatton stated that thugs accompanied by the Hatton mayor Nandakumar Allagamuthu had staged the attack. A complaint had been lodged at the Hatton police station and a committee of officers had been appointed to investigate into the incident and arrest the suspects. It has been further reported the men responsible for the attack had fled from the area.

A march organized by Estate Workers of Hatton was held in protest of the attack

Another incident was reported last evening in Anuradapura when a correspondent reporter of Sirasa TV was heavily beaten and the 2000 US $ worth Camera equipment belonging to the reporter was wrecked by the attackers.

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