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Sunday, 21 October 2018
Sunday, 21 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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By Tikirikumari Dissa Korale

“Anger is a sort of madness and the noblest causes have been damaged by advocates effected with temporary lunacy...” - Mahatma Gandhi

Gen. (Rtrd) Sarath Fonseka who was known to the Sri Lankans as a major force behind the island’s victory over terrorism, received abundant accolades from the citizenry. He was a hero respected by everyone, except a few petty politicians, who were unwilling to accept that this victory as a victory of the nation, their trivial minds did not permit them to acknowledge it openly, since, it might come through to the public as if they were acknowledging the success of a political party, to which they did not belong.  Hence, these politicians belittled the victory, the valiant forces, the military leaders and the political leadership whenever they got a chance.

We have all heard the stories of Pamankada, Alimankada, Madevachchi Killinochchi etc. and many more similarly degrading stories spoken on the political platforms during the ongoing offensive against the world’s most ruthless terrorist group.  This was only what was said internally, however, the real damage was done by these same politicians by instigating the international community or the Western countries to be precise, against the government and the offensive it was engaged in, to rid the country of a terror regime which was terrorizing the country for thirty long years.  They worked hand in glove with the NGOs who were also hell bent on stopping the war and with many individuals and countries with vested interests. Resisting the external pressures was doubly harder for the government than winning the internal war, militarily.

This all happened not so long ago, and during this whole fiasco with the so called international community, the Diasporic Tigers, the NGOs, the local opposition politicians and even the UN etc., Gen. SF was no less a person than the commander of the Sri Lanka army, he without a doubt would have had first hand information regarding these unfortunate and frustrating ‘leg pulling’ by the afore mentioned gang(sters).  

However, Gen. Fonseka seems to be consumed by anger, resulting in amnesia (dementia?), he comes out like a man driven by wrath and nothing else.  The reasons (excuses) given in his letter of resignation from the post of Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), are actually not reasons for a person of his stature, to resign.  It would have been better for him to resign without giving any reasons, especially those reasons, because then we would not have known his egoistic inclinations, which was the only note worthy information that came out from his letter of resignation.

He has based his political campaign on anger arising from these same so called injustices done to him.  His main lamentation is the lack of “power” in the newly created position of the CDS.  However, his main pledge to the people, is the abolition of the Executive Presidency, once he secures the election.  The abolition of the Executive Presidency, the UNP created in 1978, is the favourite slogan of the joint opposition, for the presidential election of 2010.  This has been the favourite slogan of the JVP, at every election since it was introduced in 1978 and as if there is a mere lack of slogans for the UNP (UNF now), they also have got onto the same bandwagon, showing their bankruptcy in this whole political game.  My question is, can the opposition trust a man who resigns a post in a huff, just because he feels that the power that was assumed to be there, was not there?  The more important question is, will he resign as the Executive President once he wins, simply because there is too much power in that position?  Do you think a man who has a insatiable greed for power and who gets his huge ego wounded just because he thinks that he was given a ceremonial position after doing such a lot for the country, during her war effort, would ever think that there is too much power than he wants, vested in Sri Lanka’s Executive, once he gets it, and voluntarily denounce it?  

This situation indeed is sad and dangerous, because in a functioning democracy there should be an active and vigilant opposition, not an opposition which tries all the dirty tricks in the book to come into power. The opposition blinded by its ravenous appetite for power is trying to bring to life a Cyclops that neither they nor the parliament nor the people will be able to control, eventually.  

The JVP being the JVP knows the repercussions of this whole game and they are sharpening their nails already to conduct their usual destructive politics, which will be in the case of a SF win, since they can only thrive in a chaotic political situation. A person who doesn’t know the ABC of politics even, will realize the inability for the JVP and the UNP to work together, since the UNP with its open economic policies and pro-western conservative ideology are more than poles apart from the JVP’s Marxist ideologies.  The JVP is considered an extremist organization who took up arms against the democratically elected governments of Sri Lanka, on two occasions.  Well and good they have come into the democratic stream now, but a marriage between these two parties is contrived and bound to fail.  Hence, it is evident that the JVP is in this, to take advantage of the pandemonium which will follow a victory of Sarath Fonseka.

The UNP of course started off Fonseka's campaign with their usual glasses of Champaign, since they are all out to wreck havoc whenever possible on the current regime.  They, especially the present UNP leader Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe and his brood, do not care a hoot about what detrimental effects the country will have to face by fielding in Fonseka's candidature.  On one side Wickramasinghe does not seem to be genuinely supporting Fonseka’s campaign for reasons which are obvious and on the other side most of the spin doctoring relating to the campaign is being handle by Mangla Samaraweera and the JVPers.

National Security has always been a non issue to Ranil Wickramasinghe his betrayal of the intelligence officers in the Millennium City incident and by the signing of the CFA without any regard or respect for the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of this country and it’s people, bares evidence to this fact.  Hence, to Ranil it is a matter of coming to power by which ever means available, to hell with the ramifications.  However, the moment he realized that coming into power, might be a bit too far fetched, when the JVP hyenas are hovering around SF and calling all the shots, he seems to have retracted from the SF campaign, for better or for worse.

Sarath Fonseka himself is playing the Cyclops role pretty well even before it’s officially born by letting his anger and hatred get the better of him in the political stage and in the press interviews he is giving.  He is betraying and slighting the very people he gloated about right after the war.  A good example is the much publicized interview given to the Sunday Leader of 13th December 2009, in which he categorically alleges that Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha of giving orders to Maj. Gen. Shavindra Silva to shoot anybody who tries to cross over to the government side, even with ‘white flags’, during the last few days of the war.  This statement was definitely given to the papers in a bid to win over the minority votes and with revenge in mind, however, it infuriated the Southern voter and most except a few in the South cried foul.  SF didn’t think for a moment the damage he is doing to the country by making such grave statements.  This statement is not only treacherous, but also the international implications could be overwhelming. He has put everything in second place, including the good name of our motherland, in a bid to gain power.

A constant in the SF campaign statements has been their inconsistency, Fonseka says and his minders try to unsay them, but by that time a sizeable damage has been done.  The government has been quick to pick on his contradictory statements.  

I am amazed at the hatred he carries around, and how quickly this hatred has turned a respected war hero into a mud slinging politician with no ethics.  His whole campaign up to now has been devoid of substance or policy or a vision for the country.  It has been based on elementary political promises like increasing the government servants’ salary by Rs.10,000.00 or giving an unemployment allowance of Rs.2000.00 to the unemployed graduates and so forth.  Where is a strategy and a vision for the development, reconstruction and reconciliation of post-war Sri Lanka?  

There is very little the voter can gather from his speeches, of his future design for Sri Lanka, hence, it can be said of his speeches that they are a collection of hurriedly gathered-up ad-hoc facts delivered amidst barrages of mud.  

It is almost as if he was in politics forever, because of the versatility he conducts himself in this mud slinging business, although his political campaign is only a campaign of mud against the incumbent and his family, this has left the public confused as to what has become of their war hero?  Who created this monster? Was he always there or is he just a cat’s paw of the joint opposition?

A primary fact to consider when analyzing the character of this person called Sarath Fonseka, how quickly he joined hands with the very people who scorned him during his war days, and why?  The simple answer is, his overestimation of himself and the offence he has taken, when the others did not treat him in the same overestimated sense.
Well, for the UNP at one point (I don’t know how it is now) Fonseka was a god send, since they knew that if they fielded in Ranil Wickramasinghe against the incumbent in the coming presidential election, that they would not have chance in hell, of winning.  

The JVP will do anything to create turmoil, in this country, even if it means fielding in the western LTTE mouth piece Bruce Fein as the presidential candidate, since, more trouble means more frolic for them.  However, the voter must decide with wisdom, who they want, as their leader for the next crucial six years in this post-war Sri Lanka.

Is it a man maddened by anger and hatred, who will have no qualms about betraying his own comrades for vengeance sake?  What is to say that this man will act differently, once in power?  What is to say that he will not be willingly manipulated by forces working against Sri Lanka?  Since, he has already played into the hands of these sinister forces, by alleging War Crimes on the Defense Secretary and prompting the UN to ask for explanations from the government.  What is also to say that a man demented and blinded by hate will act rationally without falling pray to petty emotions?

Considering all this, even if he has some excellent spin doctors on his side, the indications are that the successful completion of Mission SF, might be a mission Impossible”!

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