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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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My Home, the Divine Pendant PDF Print E-mail
By Victor Karunairajan

Skirted by ocean, cogent and clear
Serenely stands my Sri Lanka dear,
In verdant hue and sunny shimmer
Hills, valleys, fields in elegant flair.

My land is not an Indian tear,
Nor a hanging luscious pear;
Never ever 'twas a beastly lair
In fables related eons unclear.

Abode of ancestors far and near,
Many a faith they all did savour,
Diverse richness they did revere
But unity in all they held so dear.

Evil times came upon to bare
My land to terrible times of fear
Bigoted politics ripped us in tear
Nature too had its tragic share.

One day, my folks will surely hear
The voice of reason and justice fair
My prayers today for my God’s ear:
Hear me Lord, for my land so dear.

My land is not an Indian tear
Nor a hanging luscious pear.
But a divine pendant that adorns a wear
On the Himalayan range heavens afar.

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