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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Sad tale of Canadian Tamil Congress PDF Print E-mail
Note from the Sri Lanka Watch Editors in reference to the reactions of David Poopalapillai to a feature in Hindustan Times given below following their observations. Making money on the miseries of others cannot be tolerated and this self-styled so-called consultant for IDP services a certain L Jude Perera calls to question the integrity of this man especially involving a registration fee of $25. The services he offers is a matter for the various offices of the Sri Lankan High Commission and Embassies or on a purely humanitarian basis by individuals who give their services with love and compassion to their fellow beings.

David Poopalapillai of Canada, the self-styled leader of the Tamil Diaspora in Canada jumps the gun in his typical sickening ways and concludes thus:

"Who is this man? Who is backing him? He cannot operate without the Sri Lankan government's consent. This shows how low Sri Lanka can stoop to deal with Tamils," he added.

And such vicious aspersions and derogatory remarks and observations lead to appalling conclusions which in course of time become bloated up as a major controversy. This is extremely bad leadership on the part of David Poopalapillai who has been misleading a lot of young people with fiercely false and virulent anti-Sinhala propaganda in Canada.

What has he to say about extortionists of funds in his ranks scaring the wits out of people, the hundreds of children who were dragged into the demonstrations holding the flags of an organization banned as terrorist? Even kids and babies were pressed into these protests. Is this not child abuse? Many of his marchers, though they are children of Sri Lankan parents, are hardly aware of the minority problems and the events in Sri Lanka since 1983. They would not know where Alaveddy is and how far it is to Atchuvely from there.

There is one from his group who wants to compile stories based on the July 1983 outrage but no one wants to know how hundreds of Sinhalese went to the aid of the Tamils risking their own lives and saved their families. Instead of fueling anti-Sinhala feelings, is it not time to reach out to the hands that are reaching out from the Sinhalese to the Tamils? Today the likes of Poopalapillai are the bigoted belligerent racists who cannot and would not see ahead that a future can be created in Sri Lanka where all communities can live in peace.

We ourselves are very unhappy at the services offered by a certain L Jude Perera and that too with a $25 dollars registration fee. Mr Poopalapillai must look around at the Tamils who have been milked by so-called Tiger funds collectors who live luxurious lives in their mansions in the name of Tamil liberation and even now are so desperate to raise funds that they would even say that they want to build toilets in Wanni.

We should never rush to conclusions to further promote our racist feelings. Our investigations of the Tamil community in Canada clearly indicate that the Diaspora in Canada is utterly sick of people like David Poopalapillai forcing themselves on them as their leaders and spokespersons. Even his integrity in respect of his alien smuggling practices has been challenged.  

Canadian Tamils outraged over email from Sri Lanka

From Hindustan Times Friday June 19, 2009

An email by a Sri Lanka-based Sinhala to offer his services for a fee to Tamils to find their missing relatives has outraged the community in Canada. Thousands of Tamil Canadian families are desperately looking for their relatives who have either died in the recent conflict or become 'internally displaced people' (IDPs).

In his email two days ago to Tamil Canadians, L. Jude Perera of Consultant IDP Services in Koswatte (Thalanama North) in Sri Lanka asked them to register with him for $25 for "professional services" to help find their missing kin. Under the banner of Internally Displaced People (IDP) Services, he said, "We try to find out IDPs: whose-who? In direct contact/communicate with the law enforcement authorities. Please inform us the full details."

Promising the Tamils to recover their lost homes, lands and properties, his "first come first served basis" service said: "All the work that we do is with government officers and law authorities, namely forces/security personal, ministries, our personal contacts, SMS, telephone calls, lawyer's fees etc., involves travel and stay in the north or east (permit areas). So the expenses incurred are on a case by case basis." Outraged at the email, Canadian Tamil leaders said their 300,000-strong community is deeply disturbed over this development.

"How can anyone do business on people's misery? This is an outrage. The international community, and Indian and Tamil Nadu governments in particular, should not allow this trade in Tamil misery," Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) leader David Poopalapillai said Thursday.

"Who is this man? Who is backing him? He cannot operate without the Sri Lankan government's consent. This shows how low Sri Lanka can stoop to deal with Tamils," he added.

Asking the Tamil diaspora "Do you want to build a monument for your loved ones?", the email said, "If you want to organise a thanksgiving mass for lost family friends/relatives or another person of any race or build a monument please let us have the details."

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