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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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4 Options of the Tamils Mano G PDF Print E-mail
According to leader of Sri Lanka’s Western People’s Front and Colombo district parliamentarian Mano Ganeshan, there are four options before Tamils in the presidential elections.

They are 1: Support Mahinda Rajapaksha 2. Support the common candidate Sarath Fonseka the common candidate of the opposition 3. Form a common candidate for Tamils and vote to him and the 4; Boycott the elections altogether.

He says Tamils must use their path thinking rightly. The government is thinking the communal problem too is buried with the war. The government failed to find a solution to the cause of war. Hence Tamils are placed in a decisive point where they have to take a right decision. We cannot go to the presidential palace. We can go only up to the parliament. Now the Temple trees is being changed to a palace. Are we going to permit a king’s rule or are we going to support to make the parliament the supreme power.  This is what we are going to decide this time. We will definitely take the lead to show the people what we should do at the elections.

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