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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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UNP-JVP Unions as a joint force PDF Print E-mail
The UNP and JVP trade unions warned yesterday that if the govt does not increase wages immediately they would make the govt to fall on its knees. This is the first time these trade unions have formed an alliance.

This unique alliance came in to being at a time when both these parties have almost reached an agreement to table a common candidate if the Presidential elections are held before the general elections. These trade union leaders held a press conference at Nippon Hotel and stated that people must not be mislead by the propaganda of the govt to project this trade union action as a political conspiracy and added that the defence forces cannot be utilized to work in these Institutions.

Ananda Palitha from the JSS that is affiliated to the UNP said that though the politicians and high officials of the govt were given wage increases they did not get anything and all essential services will simply collapse if the workers stop doing over time. The UNP and JVP trade unions also said that they have already rejected a request made by the govt to come for discussions today on the 9th but they rejected it stating that the govt should only talk with the senior representatives of the four Trade Unions that have called for the work-to-rule campaign.

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