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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Mother Lanka and her three children PDF Print E-mail
"Let us not divide the country. Let us divide water to all and provide electricity to all. Let us activate the "Grama Raja"(rural kingdom) concept based on the historic foundation of mutual cooperation."

Many rivers flow into the sea without being of service to anybody while floods cause havoc in certain places. There are many waterfalls that can produce electricity that flow down unused. The North Western, North Central, East, Moneragala and Hambantota Districts are the ones that suffer without water.

There is no life without water. A division of land according to provinces that does not considering the proper distribution of the water that flows down from the central hills to all parts of the country is against the people and against life itself. Without the water that flows from the central hills agricultural Sri Lanka cannot be developed. Considering that mineral oil will one day be completely consumed and considering the effect on the environment the economic development of Sri Lanka is dependent on hydro power.

Most politicians and Europeans that advise them seem to ignore this reality.

The UNP, the parties like the communist party that supports the government, those in the SLFP who supported Chandrika's package all support the implementation of the 13th Amendment forced upon us by India without seeming to know these realities.

Some Tamil racists who have become pawns of Western conspiracies are proposing a Federal system that goes beyond the 13th Amendment without understanding the true nature of the issue. These are enemies of the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people who do not understand the issues on hand.

What the politicians of the country and the West who are concerned about the three communities in Sri Lanka do must be to device ways of distributing the water resources of the country equitably and produce electricity that is essential for development. This could be accomplished by applying the "Grama Raja" concept.

In my youthful days I strived for two decades to solve the problems of the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims in the country and create a just society by an armed struggle. I tried to follow the example of Fidel Castro and with the help of armed youth and possibly the soldiers topple the government and seize power. Then the proper distribution of resources would follow.

The experiences I gained while hiding from the police and army as a rebel, six years behind bars, the reading of political and cultural books taught me that in a country like Sri Lanka with a capitalist democratic parliamentary system in place and with the influence of many religions that nourishes the country an armed struggle would not succeed. I also realized that corrupt electoral politics would not bring a solution. I chose the Buddhist Anagarika policy.

Having been committed to the service of the people for half a century suffering many hardships without earning a penny by unjust means I learnt that what was of prime importance to Sri Lanka was to understand its geography, climate, the culture that goes back for over two thousand years, the agricultural lifestyle. Then the futility of a division that would not consider the distribution of water and electricity would be grasped.

Mother Lanka has three children.
The big brother is the Sinhala one because he is the one who has borne the brunt of what it has taken to make Sri Lanka what it is. He has fought the most against foreign invaders.

The Tamil I would regard as the middle brother. He built kovils in the North from the end of the Pollonnaruwa era. He built the Nallur Kovil jointly with the Sinhala King. He assisted the big brother to fight against the Portuguese, Dutch and the English invaders.

The youngest son of mother Lanka was the Muslim who fought alongside the elder brothers to maintain the sovereignty of the motherland.

I was born in Malwana Beruwela and lived amicably among the Muslims. I gave leadership to student activities with Tamil students in the university. I rebelled in 1971 and had to hide from the police in Delft Island in Jaffna where I lived in the houses of Tamils. I derived experience from such revolutionary solidarity. Now I have embarked upon the path of Anagarika and I sincerely love the Tamil people.

I cherish the security and welfare of my motherland. I respectfully entreat the patriotic Tamil politicians that love their people to consider themselves as children of the soil and united device enterprising methods to share the water, the electricity and other mineral resources in the country in a just and fair manner.

I call upon the Sinhala politicians not to genuflect before the Western colonialists but rally round the Sinhalese the Tamils and the Muslims that experienced colonialism together and also those in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to demand compensation for what was robbed from us in the past.

As a universalistic who wills peace to the whole world I call upon all the Western countries that are trying to divide countries including Sri Lanka not to add to the heat that is already consuming the environment of the earth. If they want to support the Tamil people I entreat them to help in projects that will distribute resources like water and electricity to the Tamil people so that they can live better.

Anagarika Dharmasena

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