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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Sri Lanka rejects Milibandís views PDF Print E-mail
Government rejected British Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s resent views on security procedures at IDP Camps saying it is nothing but pro-LTTE propaganda.

Miliband continued to criticize Sri Lanka although he should know that a nation which has suffered LTTE terrorism for 30 years cannot ignore security considerations when dealing with persons accommodated at IDP facilities in the North.

It is also amazing to note the ignorance of Miliband when he makes such statements about the security procedures adopted in Sri Lanka. They are not different from anti-terrorism measures in other parts of the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan where US and British forces were spearheading operations against terrorists.

Miliband, made this statement speaking to the House of Commons on Wednesday about UK s role in Sri Lanka.He said "The IDPs continue to have inadequate access to health care and following a drop in the river levels delivery of adequate water has been problematic in recent weeks. Unusually heavy rains during August demonstrated that the camps are ill-equipped for the sustained heavy rains expected from mid-October to December during the monsoon season, “.

And he further said "We are concerned over the lack of freedom of movement for the IDP population because of the nature of the ‘closed’ camps and over the ongoing separation of families and the heavy military oversight of the camps. We are also concerned that there is no independent visibility of the process by which over 11,000 IDPs have been identified as suspected LTTE cadres and moved to separate camps and that the UN and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have had no access to them since July,".

Miliband admitted that UK was working with several others to press for freedom of movement to be restored to the IDPs adding that freedom of movement for the IDP population was critical if a humanitarian crisis was to be averted in the IDP camps when the monsoon rains fall.  
UK s Foreign Secretary David Miliband Miliband urged IMF not to support the Stand-By Arrangement for Sri Lanka. The programme was passed by the IMF Board in July and Miliband said that UK would now monitor the programme’s implementation through a robust review process.

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