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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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American International School System Scam PDF Print E-mail

By a concerned Sri lankan – Letters to the editor

I had a great experience applying for an International teaching opportunity in Lahore, Pakistan this year. This was one of the most adventurous job rides / scams I ever faced in my life.

With US economy crumbling, I decided that the best option for me for the next several months would be to work in third world country thus do my best in developing world while building up my career. Thus, I applied to work in Pakistan. Living in USA, who actually wants to go to Pakistan where bombs explode in daily basis? My friends and family were furious! However, I knew I would be able to do a lot in a place like Pakistan, which faces shortage of Western trained educators due to the current political crisis.

I applied for this working opportunity in last December; finally I was informed that I have an interview on January. My initial interview was with a guy called Dr. L. (An American) He was supposed to be the educational consultant for the company. I was told that my interview was successful. Then I had my interview with the principal (also An American) of the American International School Systems who told me he wants to hire me as soon as possible. I was informed to quit my current job of coaching and get ready to leave to Pakistan. So I did! The principal and I agreed for a salary of 2000 dollars per month.

Then a guy called Dr. K (An MBBS doctor and a Pakistani) who claimed himself as the C.E.O of this company called me, he was the friendliest guy in the world till I told him my price! Then he suddenly remembered that I did not possess teaching certification.  The conversation ended in the most abrupt pattern!

Next day, I was informed to work at 1000 dollars salary. I was not able to accept it since it is 500 dollars less than my current salary.  Next day, the Principal of AISS called me from Pakistan and we negotiated a salary of 1500 dollars per month!

The next part is most interesting. The Principal kept telling that he wants to hire me so I quit my existing job and officially became unemployed. However, nobody in the company emailed me for over next two weeks! None of my emails went answered. In the third week, I was sent an email by the Principal of American International School System saying that they hired somebody else.

All this after clearly emailing me with the promise of hiring me and making me to quit my job!

I contacted my lawyers who said I could do nothing about it. After talking with my lawyers, I decided to write about this injustice to the world so this company American International School System Lahore cannot scam anybody again!  I have worked as an educator for over half a dozen companies inside USA and outside USA but this had been the most horrific experience I had in my life of job searching. I trusted the Principal of AISS to quit my current job as I really thought the American Principal at AISS was sincere! I had no real trust of the Pakistani CEO Mr. K for the first place!

Lucky for me, I was offered another International Teaching job in Sri Lanka so I am on my way returning to Sri Lanka in few days.  My advice of anybody planning to work/ teach in AISS Lahore or any company related to American International School Systems – DO NOT TRUST THEM!

I have all email communication saved in my mail box to serve as evidence again any situation that will arise due to this article. I am also emailing ambassador Anne Patterson in Pakistan about the unethical practices done by so called Pakistani run companies in the name of American International School Systems.

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