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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Note from the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch

Erik Solheim has played White Man’s Bluff for too long a time. There are takers in Sri Lanka and more among the Diaspora for whom White Man is still God. They creep and crawl to them and people like Erik Solheim know this weakness of our people. Ever since the late 1960s the Norwegians have played foul in Sri Lanka. Most people who came from Norway and Sweden as volunteers were in fact searching for projects for their post-graduate abd master’s degrees.

Many of them were sham and had local people hanging around them sharing views that pleased them but often false ones. On a higher level Scandinavian politicians interacted with the local politicians and there were rewards. Solheim was the man who fostered Dirty Sethu and provided him with electronic equipment with which he doctored many photographs to promote Tiger terrorism. The foul deeds are indeed numerous and now after Prabhakaran whom he tried desperately to save, he is coming in for a second innings determined to cause damage to Sri Lanka. As a matter of Sri Lanka must ask Norway for his extradition and he should be brought to trial for advocating terrorism. Or as the Israelites have been doing, capture this man somewhere and bring him to Sri Lanka. We have done it with Pathmanathan and we can do it with Solheim too. Erik Solheim himself may be behind the fake photographs.

(By Gomin Dayasri)                    
Eric Solheim - you are as transparent as the Emperor in his New Clothes, parading on the streets of Oslo.

You were the facilitator/negotiator between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tigers. Many alleged you were partial and prejudiced. Your most recent pronouncement to Aftenposten proves it beyond doubt.

“Now he [Solheim] demands UN to investigate what happened in the last phase of the bloody civil war in Sri Lanka” quotes Aftenposten. Why did you limit it to the last phase of the war, Eric? Probably he still cannot bear to watch the last phase where his sponsor the LTTE were trounced, which in its glory days, strained to make him the facilitator on which he tried to gain fame in the international arena.

Indeed, a failed facilitator - bringing shame to the reputation of his country by being eternally biased. Sri Lanka will forever weep for the blunders made by Chandrika and Ranil in giving Eric Solheim a pride of place!

Says Solheim to Aftenposten, “There is overwhelming evidence of structures within the state apparatus is behind the killings”. Is there no overwhelming evidence of any killings by the LTTE? Why are you shy even to murmur on that aspect? Probably like the LTTE, Solheim has learnt to convince himself, the LTTE does not kill.

Was Solheim wearing tinted eye lenses to be blind to all the atrocities committed by the LTTE, over the years? Your request to the UN to restrict the investigation only to the last phase of the war, is understandable, to save your soul, since you propelled terrorism to great heights by providing facilities to terrorists. Why did you never complain of LTTE atrocities during all the phases of the 30 year war? In his mind, they were not crimes, war or otherwise!

Surely you knew well of child soldiers. Children forcibly conscripted from the arms of wailing mothers to fill the ranks of the depleted Tiger forces. Mothers kept in custody until children surrendered and agreed under compulsion, to wear battle fatigue. Where were you, Eric, in the midst of those human rights violations, which, in fact, was accelerated by the LTTE during the last phase of the war? Not a word of those ghastly acts to Ban Kin Moon. He does not see; He does not hear; He does not speak. Did you forget UN resolution 1612 on Child Soldiers and findings against the LTTE? The Security Council Report on Children in Armed Conflicts with the finding that the “LTTE has continued to use and recruit children”. Did you ever report to the UN on child soldiers of the LTTE notwithstanding the UN resolution and the consequent findings against the LTTE, to which Norway is a party; while child protection is a subject on which Norway always spouts? Deaf, Dumb and Blind – should be your initials ‘D.D.B’. Solheim.
Have you never heard of LTTE killing civilians who tried to escape from their clutches? There is overwhelming evidence with the testimony from eye witnesses, but you remain as Solheim the Silent on such occasions.

Reliance is placed on a dubious Channel 4 concoction which at the very best shows no identification of Sri Lankan forces as being present or visible on the reel but a depiction of unidentifiable persons and of events that could have taken place - anywhere at any time with anybody and/or created or substituted specifically to arouse sympathy and support. Such periodic releases through friendly media sources are a part of LTTE false propaganda to discredit the Sri Lankan Forces, which have been duly exposed previously. There is not an iota of substance to relate it to Sri Lankan forces except for representations made in the voice cast of the narrator from the studio.

For the record, previously too, Channel 4 journalists were deported from the country for disseminating falsified pictorials, which they did not challenge. Channel 4 has a history of desiring to discredit Sri Lanka and has fallen foul of the authorities and harbours a grievance; which does not make it a reliable objective media presenter.

Throughout the war, those supporting the LTTE from the sidelines endeavored to introduce foreign interventions which were successfully repulsed. After the war the same sources have reverted to War Crimes in an effort to discredit the successful elimination of terrorism which most other, more powerful countries, have failed to achieve.

Did Norway desire the elimination of terrorism and the dawn of peace to Sri Lanka and making it one of the most secure states in South Asia or did it desire that there should be a permanent presence of terrorism in Sri Lanka where people had to live forever in fear; leaving space for Norway to interfere in the affairs of Sri Lanka and gain fame as an international peace builder?

Solheim’s words and deeds make him a perfect diplomat for the cause of terrorism. He complains against a country that eliminated terrorism, in favor of the terrorists. He is a friend of terrorism originating from the land that seeks to play the role of a model peacemaker. A pin up photograph of Solheim should be exhibited in whatever country that seeks Norway as a facilitator or negotiator for peace. Solheim’s name should be a sufficient disqualification of Norway - a beautiful country of most kind gentle and humane people but knowing so little of Sri Lanka except of a large resident hostile expatriate Tamil refugee population (with few exceptions) forever discrediting their motherland. With Solheim in the forefront, it is not surprising Norway has failed in most of its peace ventures and now remains on a near unwanted list of touting peace emissaries worldwide. Let them pay a tribute for that honor to Eric Solheim and let him be nominated for a Nobel Prize for fostering terrorism in other countries, with Sri Lankaas the role model.

Has Solheim ever criticized the LTTE for its suicide cadres, assassination of political leaders especially in the Tamil community, attacks on innocent civilians, killing sprees in public places and loss of public property and human life? But suddenly comes alive and makes a plea to the Secretary General of the UN to investigate war crimes - he will never forgive Sri Lanka for eliminating his beloved terrorists. He desired always that terrorism should flourish in Sri Lankafor the benefit of the LTTE. It is not surprising he is behaving like a bad looser. The facilitator for both sides has become the complainant of one such party. Surely Norwaycould have selected a better candidate as the complainant, for it reveals the true character of their prime facilitator. Who will ever entrust another assignment to Solheim or Norwayas peace makers when they are in the pocket of one party.

Remember Solheim comes from a territory which is a safe haven for LTTE activists where even its so called present leader has secured a place for furthering terrorist activity. Those activists have now gained voting rights and are principle backers of Eric Solheim.

Has Norway, as a so called friendly nation ever curtailed the activities of the LTTE terrorists using the state of Norwayas a platform for its internationally illegal activities and as a base for its European functions, against another friendly country? Was it not Norwaythat strengthened the Tigers after twisting arms and obtaining the signatures on the CFA?

The First Complainant, Eric Solheim should get into the dock to be questioned of his own conduct in furthering the activities of the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka. LTTE were among the deadliest terrorists the world has ever known – but never did he ever report them even when they killed the Foreign Minister – but instead he is targeting the Sri Lankan Armed Forces based on frivolous grounds. Hail Solheim, you deserve to be indicted for aiding and abetting terrorism.

(Gomin Dayasiri is a leading Sri Lankan Attorney-at-Law. He appeared in the landmark case for the de-merger of the North-Eastern Province. He writes on current affairs, especially the situation pertaining to Sri Lanka to most media.)

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